Best of U is a unique initiative for an EMPOWERED U.

A stronger U – Emotionally, Mentally & Physically, who is more prepared to face the challenges of a stressful life. By the end of our program you will be empowered to conduct quick five minutes to an hour long wellness sessions for yourself and for others around you:

Best of U Ingredients:

    •  Health in your Hands with easy, quick and result oriented exercises addressing the 11 most stressed body parts
    • Healthier and Happier you with Breath Conditioning
    • Unconditional Laughter Therapy for busting emotional, mental and physical stresses
    • Yoga Nidra for alleviating fatigue and increasing alertness of mind
    • SQ tête-à-tête for Bonding with Self
    • Simulated Gibberish conversation for bonding and boosting relationships
    • Happy Dance for Improve concentration and listening

We recommend, you explore the possibility of attending our event SERIOUSLY!

CALLING #Change Makers, #Game Changers, #Teachers, #HR Professionals, #Trainers, #PR & Marketing Executives, #Homemakers #Managers and Team Leaders #Anyone and Everyone who wants to be a change and bring a change

Let us make our workplaces, homes and communities healthier and happier
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Why Best of U?

#Gurgaon Pollution causing breathing trouble, problem compounded by high rate of smoke: Health Alert Nov 2016

#25% of Indians may die of lifestyle diseases before they are 70: Study

# More than 70 per cent of illnesses – such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, frequent cough and cold, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, menstrual difficulties, tension headaches, stomach upsets and even cancer are in some way related to stress.

It is high time we stop waiting for a change and take charge of our own wellness and those of others around us.

We have taken a step towards bringing a #Change with Best of U. Are you with us?

Come on, isn’t it time to acknowledge and do something about our own stresses and those of our loved ones?

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